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There are many reasons why people aspire to have a perfect home. For some, it’s a place to feel calm and collected. For others, it’s where they can entertain and show off their style. All of these things can be accomplished with the right combination of function and wow factor. But how do you know what needs to go into your home? The easiest way is by looking at examples that have already been done! Here are five homes with stunning indoor-outdoor flow and gorgeous decor:

Kitchen – Open The Floor Plan

When it comes to kitchen design, there are many ways to open up the floor plan. A kitchen island is one of the best ways to do this. In addition to being an attractive focal point in any space, it can also serve as a place for you or your guests when they’re not eating at their seats at the table.

A peninsula is another great option if you want more countertop space than an island provides but still want some storage underneath it all (without sacrificing any seating). If you’d like even more storage space and don’t mind losing some countertop room along with it, consider adding cabinets above your sink area instead of having them next to your stovetop as well as below it–this way there’s no wasted space between them!

Create A Relaxing Entertainment Space

Creating an entertainment space that is both functional and comfortable is essential to creating a home with wow factor.

  • Comfortable couch: A good couch should be comfortable enough to sink into, but not so cushy that you’ll never want to get up again. It should also be durable enough to withstand daily use by family members of all ages–and possibly even guests!
  • Good sound system: If you’re going to spend hours watching your favorite shows or listening to music, then it makes sense that those sounds should sound great coming out of those speakers! Make sure they do by investing in high-quality components like speakers and amplifiers.
  • Good TV: The perfect TV doesn’t just have great picture quality; it also has excellent sound quality as well (so make sure those speakers are top notch).

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility. A dressing room is a good idea, as it can double up as an office or study space if you don’t have enough room elsewhere in the house. Think about what you will use your bedroom for, and how it can be used for that purpose.

If you are going to have friends over for dinner then perhaps having an area where they can sit down without being on top of each other would be useful. If there are children in the family then perhaps having somewhere that they could play games without disturbing anyone else would be ideal (and vice versa).

Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces should be inviting and comfortable. You can make your outdoor living space as simple or elaborate as you like, but it should always feel like a place where you want to spend time.

When designing an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, keep in mind that these spaces are meant for socializing–so they need to have plenty of seating options (like benches) and easily accessible lighting sources (like lamps). If people aren’t able to see each other well enough during dinner parties or game nights, then your space won’t work properly!

Creating the perfect home doesn’t have to be difficult.

When you think about your home, what comes to mind? A place for relaxation? Yes. A place for entertaining? Absolutely. But what about work and play? A stunning kitchen with a well-functioning pantry will make cooking easier and more enjoyable, but it can also serve as an important workspace when needed. And if you’re hosting guests from out of town who want to experience all that your city has to offer, a spacious living room with views of the skyline is sure to impress–or maybe even give them an idea for their next vacation destination!

Whether your ideal house includes granite countertops or hardwood floors may depend on how much time you spend in each room (and whether or not they go well with other features). But no matter what kind of house suits your needs best–and whether or not it contains any granite–you’ll always want one thing: function!


There are so many ways to create a home that feels like a vacation in itself. If you’re looking to make your house more functional and luxurious, we hope these ideas have inspired you to get started on making your own dream home!