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There are many smart home products available to help you stay comfortable, secure and efficient. Here’s our list of the top smart home technologies that can change your life.

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are an easy way to get started with smart home tech. They can be controlled by voice, smartphone app and smart home hub. This means you can turn on the lights in your living room from anywhere using an Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

  • There are many different brands available so check out our guide for more information about what to look for when buying these types of bulbs.

Smart thermostat

You can save money on your heating and cooling bills by installing a smart thermostat. These devices are controlled remotely, so you can adjust the temperature from anywhere. They also learn your schedule and adapt to it over time, which means that if you work from home on Fridays but not Mondays, they’ll adjust accordingly.

Smart thermostats may be programmed to adjust the temperature based on weather conditions as well–if it’s cold outside and raining hard, they’ll turn up the heat; if it’s warm out with no clouds in sight (or even better yet: sunshine!), they’ll turn down your AC unit so that you don’t have to pay extra for energy use during peak hours when demand is high but supply isn’t affected by weather factors like humidity levels or cloud cover.

Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that can do everything from set timers, play music, and tell you the weather to answering questions about anything from sports statistics to trivia. You can even use it to order products from Amazon.

If you want to get started with your own smart home technology but aren’t sure where to begin, an Amazon Echo is a great choice! There are many different models of the product available on the market today–and they all work differently depending on what features you’re looking for in your new gadget. But how much does each one cost? And how do they differ? Let’s take a look at some of these details so we can get an idea of what each option has in store for us when we buy one!

Smart plugs

A smart plug is a device that can be used to control any electrical appliance from your smartphone or tablet. They’re great for turning off lights, fans and other devices when you’re away from home. They also allow you to monitor how much energy is being used by your appliances so that you can save money on electricity bills.

You can set up a smart plug using an app on your phone or tablet (such as Amazon Alexa). You’ll need an internet connection before setting up the device so make sure there’s Wi-Fi available in your house if needed! The first step is going into the settings section of whatever app/website it was purchased through then selecting ‘add new device’ followed by searching for “Smart Plug” under “Home Automation” within said company’s ecosystem – they should pop right up! Once selected hit ‘next’ until prompted with options like Device Name & Location then choose which outlet(s) should be controlled by this particular unit before clicking next again until prompted with more options such as IFTTT Integration Settings (which allows users who have accounts created through those particular services access) followed by Finish…and voila! Congratulations!! You’ve successfully installed one less thing onto yourself during this process 😉

Security cameras

A security camera is a great way to keep an eye on your home, pets and children. You can also use it to monitor elderly parents or relatives who live alone.

  • Security cameras are easy to set up and use. They’re also relatively inexpensive compared with other smart home devices, so you may want to invest in a few different kinds of cameras for different purposes (e.g., indoor vs. outdoor).
  • Some newer models offer facial recognition technology so they’ll automatically identify people when they enter the frame–a feature that could prove useful if someone unfamiliar comes into view while you’re away from home

Smart doorbells

Doorbells are the first line of defense in your home, so it’s important to make sure you have a smart one.

  • Doorbell cameras: Smart doorbells will let you see and speak to visitors from your phone, even when you’re not at home. These can also come with motion sensors that alert you when someone approaches–especially useful if there’s an unfamiliar face at the door!
  • Video screens: If seeing who’s at the door isn’t enough for you, try getting one with a built-in video screen so that they can see who’s on the other side as well!
  • Facial recognition: This feature uses facial recognition technology to identify specific individuals who ring your bell by comparing them against photographs stored in its database (which can be updated remotely). The result is a high level of security while still allowing friends and family members access without having their passwords memorized beforehand.

These smart home technologies will make your home more comfortable, efficient and secure.

  • Smart home technology can make your home more comfortable, efficient and secure.
  • Connected devices can save you money by getting rid of the need for expensive air conditioning units or furnace repairs. They also help reduce energy use by adjusting settings based on your habits and preferences (like making sure the house is cool before you get home from work).
  • Smart devices can make it easier for you to set up routines in your house–for example, by turning off lights automatically when no one’s around and turning them back on when someone enters a room (or even at specific times).
  • Having all these sensors in place means that if something goes wrong with one part of the system, other parts will notice so they don’t fail too–this helps keep everything running smoothly!


These are just a few of the smart home technologies that will change your life. There are many more out there, and we’re sure you’ll find some favorites as well. If you want to learn more about these products or how to install them yourself, we encourage you to check out our website where we have tons of helpful articles on each topic!